Intuit Healthcare Exchange

Create an interim healthcare exchange to aid the administration in directing people to the new healthcare subsidies afforded to them as a citizen if they are uninsured.

People need to be covered, but they don't know why... 
Many people will go through the next couple years a bit confused as to how healthcare works for them. But working a long side the Intuit team I was able to cultivate a way for people to get a quick understanding through this microsite. 
This was meant to allow people who had insurance through work ( 80% use case ) to understand right away there was nothing more they need to do. 
But... If you didn't have insurance it's time to explore the options available, so let's take a snapshot of your life... 
This data ends up giving you an overview of what you qualify for with subsidies as well as shows you a breakdown of how much money you will save if you sign up now and not pay the tax penalty. 
The plans below are offered in the state exchanges... 
Each plan has indepth details and how it will cover you and your family... Happy shopping. 
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