Ironman Web + UX

Create a website experience that engages all audiences and use cases for site visitors. Create a hierarchy that addresses the deep rooted content for each user type, they need to find things!

Capturing the character.... 
It is not something acomplished athletes plan on, they don't shoot for a persona, but the common goal makes them find similarity. 
Part of my job on this project was to find this commonality and how they will connect. I proposed real pathing for the types of people this site can help. This created a prolonged page visit on the site up 4.5 min.
I spent time interviewing the racers and asking about their experiences with Ironman. What I learned is that many of these users aspire the same but their actions are very different. 
UX wires of default home page pathing.. 
A fan's first time experience. 
Early concept design around displaying the versatility of the modules and the gritty design. 
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