Yoga Mobile App

Create a mobile app that would allow the yoga community to connect and share classes. They can even pay one another with "stones" so that good fortune will be passed along.

Revolutionizing the world of yoga... 
Everyone should be able to share their experience in this vast field of profressionals. So why not create an app that would allow quality instructors to be found and paid to serve others. I was assigned to solve this very problem through UX and visual design. 
Creating your profile will be a snap, and finding instructors you would like to follow is a tap away
Once you find a class, you can sign up right away and add it to your calendar. 
Explore the instructors pages and learn about the experience others are having. 
Keep in touch with your favorites all around the world
easily pull up the classes near you. 
Set your prefences and search critera for a class that fits your style
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