ioT is the wild west. I got the chance to help start this company from the early days. As the 4th hire I was the first designer and eventually the Chief Creative Officer to an acquired Energy Management Conglomerate. It is currently still lead and advised by our founding team. 

So what did we do? We built a closed mesh network, one that could store software as well as hardware. This network is unique because it cannot be breached and it cannot reach an outside source. Our first usecase was in Smart Buildings. After working with the Air Force and others like it, we learned many more ways to use our ioT networks.
We used sensors to read data all over the building. In real time this data was analyzed and sent to an Ai that learns your building. Over time this Ai can tell when theres no occupancy and it's time to turn off the lights and air, or the temperature is 10 degrees hotter than usual outside, so lets not run the AC at 68, maybe 74 will do. 

These incremental changes saved billions of dollars, and of course created happy customers. 
This dashboard can tell you what properties are doing and offers an overview of status.
We were able to push the UX in a direction that would allow us to offer Alerts as a way to communicate to staff and maintenance when things needed a closer look. 
Of course the design system was able to reach across all devices. It was really important that we accommodated all the countries we work in as well as all the field workers who will utilize our platform. 

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