Gigwalk set out to solve something very simple, get people who need work, the chance to do so very easily. With mobile devices that can be easy, but how companies create work is oh so difficult.
UX flow from end to end for someone creating work seems like a straight line, right? 
The ecosystem needed to be subtle but very easy to use. So focused on actionable data, not just insights meant to be exported anyway. 
The mobile app needed to allow people to see the work around them, complete tasks and move on, no need to clutter the experience. 
The large contingent workforce companies as well as: Auditing, recruiting, Same-Day-Hires, Temp work, all had uses cases that couldn't be ignored, So I attacked the process of creating tickets and managing the scale. 
Meanwhile Creating an actual project needed to be very simple but not too linear, not ever step is as valuable to every company.

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