It is 2013... The age information has passed, we are now at the point where people want to be able to control their own data. The age of the cloud. 
As the creative lead on this project I took a very bold approach to a data intensive environment. The ux portion of the project was very hazy, but when the requirements started to turn into actions I pounced. Managing a family or network of people and their heath is hard enough, so why not make it feel like we are moving forward. 
The Timeline.... 
We all see our calendars are what is coming up next, well in our busy lives introducing medicines, vaccines, appointments, checkups, healthy reminders, and many other things can be cumbersome. So why not focus on a few things at a time. 
Managing individuals...
This process can be very easy or for peope who want to get in depth, it can become very intensive, but never intimidating. 
More backgrounds?
Healthcare has a strong belief in healing art, it keeps us calm and the vast environmental backgrounds are sure to keep the busy schedule from looking like an ambush. 

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