When you think you need character,
why not just create one?
meet the plum
Leanplum needed to tell a complex story in a very succint way. Product manager and marketers have diffrent needs and plan different things but they need tools to solve the same goal, customer engagement. 
My job was to create a dashboard and organize a brand that will allow for anyone familiar with mobile devices to understand the power of our software. 
Starting with a new web & sign up experience to allow for the new users
Analytics dashboard that allows our customers to manage data based on company objectives and the actions you are taking to effect them
Messaging dashboard to see all your current campaigns
See your messaging as a timeline so you can understand how your customers are impacted by your campaign
A chip off the old Visual Style Guide Block
Situational content to help customers understand real use cases
BONUS: Who needs a WYSIWYG editor for their app?
BONUS #2: Drag and drop A/B testing makes is so much easier. 

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