MyLÚA is changing healthcare community
I was brought on to finalize the branding and create a first product offering that could aid women in avoiding postpartum symptoms by being prepared for the entire process of pregnancy. The whole health product, without a Product Manager
Working backwards to outline what kind of product roadmap we need to be ready for. Key takeaways were a need to help patients be prepared for appointments, and integrating family into this process
Low fi product outline helped align the team. This also identified some tech we can avoid building. Leaning on Twiliio for texts and native calendar tools to help with notifications. 
UX focused on data collection lead to many iterations. The final version exposed how often we can get 2-3 pieces of data across 7 days instead of asking for a large list of updates from the user too often. 
Normally mobile informs desktop designs, but in this case we needed to learn from existing EMRs and help create patient profiles that can be reused by many data providers. 
The mobile experience fast followed with some brand storytelling and lots of ways to showcase information. I introduced "build your support group" functionality to keep your circle in the know on how to help the pregnant mother. 
Enjoy the prototype! 

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