I like to Simplify. It's the most valuable part of onboarding with a team. Taking in the process and create the ideal vision we want. This helps create a path to get there, if we know the gaps now.  

Nikola Labs is an IoT platform as a service that deploys sensors on your most expensive machines. These sensors monitor your asset's health in many ways. Vibration, Oil, Movement, Ultrasonic, and more. 

They are becoming Asset Watch. 
I got lucky to join when I could help reshape the rebranding process and extend the platform to become more accessible to more people in the growing customer teams. 
This lead to a simple design update project that helped the design and dev team create velocity. The first updates will only be surfaced to the customer on 5 key pages. The goal to extend the design system further as we build momentum. 
This unity allowed for cross-functional design sprints that produced future facing concepts. Having teams connected to the ideas so early in the process makes for concepts closer to completion. Creating an install process that helped the company be more organized also helps the customer onboard and find value sooner. 
This particular narrowed project focus allowed us to locate all the operational inefficiencies as well as the needs that could help customers.

My Goal is to make install a 5 day process that was completed with a mixture of devices and roles. Monitoring your 

Desktop users ( Internal and Onsite Facility managers ) 
Mobile users ( Internal FST & Onsite CSMs ) 
Alert only users ( Onsite Facility Maitenance workers ) 
Financial users ( Confirm and Accept work order changes ) 

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