It started out with a simple idea. What if you could tell better stories with any content on the web?
Well, it's not simple lol, but the feeling of making it feel simple was the goal. That and learning how to create a better framework for how social interactions happen. 
let's first simplify the value prop... 
Once we validated the messaging, I had to deliver a first-time experience called a "Crate" which is how the content will be viewed by viewers/users of the app.
A Crate is meant to tell a story. We identified during this process that we need to expand how creators and curators work together to tell stories. These stories can be grouped by a topic or shared moment.
Now can map out an experience that we can work toward testing. 
This is the beginning of how the features started to emerge from learning. This was a very arduous process to get to ta point where we aligned on features that we can test. This was the first test. 
Iteration after iteration of feeback started to narrow the feature set into key areas we can start to build. 

a Crate can be found on a Canvas. A Collection is where you save content, and a cluster is where we connect! 

C's rampant :) 
A true MVP was born. This app allowed users to sign up and experience content in a new decentralized way. It emerged a relationship between creators and curators that need to be more incentivized to align. Stories, whether ephemeral or epoch, must be documented. 
These documented moments are how history will include social standing and impact. 
I'd love to share more over a call, cheers!

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