How do you create an interaction for a live event?

A. Make it work the same way it does in real life! 
problem 1: 

Bidder wants to be able to bid on live items online.  They are across the world and want to feel like their bids are heard.  The bidders also want to be able to research lots that are not on the block... easy enough right? 
The bidder screen... viewed with the ability to chat with one of the auction attendants... 
The Auction Clerks can manage the auction online during the event as well well as manage lots and make changes to sales.

The Chat attendant is here to answer all questions and help manage the Bidders purchases as well. 
This is a web auction created to last up to weeks, this mirrors some Ebay functions but stays true to their brand and bidding process while doing it passively. 
expanded view for searching... 

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