UX Art Director I was asked to take an existing application, breakdown what the users are having issues with and create a SAAS that would rival any language learning software. 
Experiential Branding Language: Nulu was a straightforward design relied heavily on current content to drive users to read every day. I took this and added a layer of gamfication, daily reading plans, and added a quiz element that would extend a form of celebration to the daily user. 
The entire sign up process was revamped and simplified. With a more clear onboarding process facebook signups were no longer the only point of entry. 
The desktop experience was segmented into very clear uses so the customer can get the most out of the application, while developing their own way of learning. 
The mobile experience was crafted to be an extension of the great tools offered in the desktop. The usability was key to how I pushed this software to be a different way to Nulu, as opposed to adding a mobile responsive framework. 
adding a flashcard should be easy!
Finishing a quiz feels great! 
I made sure that when users are done with a story and quiz that they would feel like a million bucks! This is what I call " The Mario Moment", watching your score explode and enjoying the exit message. 

( like mario bros. ) 

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